Introducing vulpes…

Introducing vulpes… 🦊

For a long time I’ve wanted a stage name, a way to delineate between the me who writes + performs, and the me who sits at home watching gogglebox. I started performing so young (15?) + I’ve grown so much since then, I need a new project, a fresh perspective 🌳

During lockdown, I started to experiment with the name vulpes, inspired by the foxes that took over the city + our garden 🦊 I found a new freedom + sense of expansion, and the name stuck. So the new music I’m releasing this year, starting with ‘Soho’, is going to be released by vulpes (rhymes with hi-res)

Worry not✨ It’s still me, you can still call me Maz 😋 And all my music released as Maz O’Connor will, of course, still exist + be out there for you to enjoy + will be featured in my live sets. But in the future I’ll release + perform music as vulpes 🌞 it’s a big step for me + a bit nerve-wracking but I’ve been thinking about it for so long I know it’s the right thing. You have to keep growing despite the growing pains 🌱

My social media pages will be changed to the new name soon, too.
I’m so excited to start this new creative journey + I hope you’ll join me along the way. To keep up with news, sign up to the mailing list.
Thank you for your support, more music soon! 💚